What Parents Are Saying…

“So after 3 months of treatment, we noticed that he has better eye contact now. We always think he is living in his own world, now we can see he is always running to you and want to play with you.”
– Darren

“But after 3 months of the treatment, Nafiz is playing with the brothers and even willing to wait for his turn to kick the ball and eye contact is definitely an improvement, especially with strangers.” – Siti

“Deyaan has shown more awareness in his environment and improved sociability since he started treatment 1 month ago. He is able to interact more comfortably with relatives and is looking into people’s eyes longer. His repetitive movements have also reduced and he is starting to speak single words like eyes, nose, mouth etc. Actually he can now sing a complete sentence from a song he listens to every night. Thanks to Evelyn and Darius.” – Suresh

Further update from Suresh – “Deyaan is now able to recite the alphabets from A to Z, count from 1 to 10 and name some colors.”

“update from Deyaan’s mom – ” Deyaan is now able to remove his diapers and pants on his own when he needs to go to the bathroom. In the past he had no control over his urinary and bowel movements. My back pain is also gone after receiving Bioenergy treatments” – Shruti

“Lucas started to show increased awareness after the 1st month of treatment. In the past he would not dare to go up the slides in the playground but now is able to do so on his own. Our maid commented that he seems to understand what is going on in the TV drama and will actually cry when the story is a sad one. His repetitive movements – tiptoeing, flapping of ears and clapping of hands are all either eliminated or greatly reduced. My wife (who also received therapy from Darius and Evelyn) felt a big difference in her response at work. She used to have anger issues but is now calmer and easier to get along with. She also used to have constipation but this problem is gone now.” Sameul P.

“I noticed that Lenny’s eye contact has improved and he does not show so much anxiety when he goes to the doctors (he used to panic and cry uncontrollably in those settings). He is also speaking more and pronouncing his words more clearly. He is still picking up new words each week.” – Mui Ling

Update from Mui Ling two months later – ” Lenny is now able to say more than one word such as ‘on the light’ and ‘on the fan’. His hyperactivity has also reduced and he is now able to sit down and play with me. In the past he was just too restless to do that.”

“After Evelyn and Darius treated my back for a few sessions, it was completely gone. My hands now feel more relaxed. I’m amazed by the fact that I only need 5 mins to get up from bed compared to the previous 30 minutes as I had to relax my body before I could move… Thanks a lot! You guys keep me amazed with all the work that you do!” – Hannah

Update from Hannah – “Nalini has gained more awareness over these past months. She is also now making progress in the aspect of sociability. She used to shy away from children her age but now she is taking the initiative to say hello and introduce herself to new friends. She used to hit her younger sister whenever she was irritated by her, but now she is able to communicate and resolve the issue without violence nor our intervention. She is becoming more like a normal child as days go by.”

“Bryan’s hyperactivity has reduced and his temper tantrums are more manageable. He is now learning to say ‘Daddy’ and is able to show me what he wants using PEC cards. In the past he could only use gestures to express himself. He is also showing enthusiasm in identifying numbers, alphabets and even pronounce his own name.” – Ai Gee

” Cyrus used to wet his bed every night. Now his bed wetting has reduced to 2 or 3 times a week. In the past he would sleep through the night on his wet bed but now he would attempt to go to the bathroom to pee. When he does wet his bed accidentally he would wake his auntie up to change the sheets as he cannot tolerate the smell of urine.” – Lilian