Newsletter 14 – Updates on the Children from Singapore Autism Solution

We haven’t given an update on the children we have been treating for a while, so as the year 2012 comes to a close, here goes with 3 case studies:


Timothy Tham (age 4)

ATEC score (baseline) = 69
ATEC score (after 5 months of treatments) = 34 (improvement of 51%)


Previously, Timothy has a huge obsession with lining trains up, and he has such an addiction to the iphone that if it is taken away from him, he would immediately go into a huge tantrum. Within 2 weeks of the bioenergy session, we can see that he shows more awareness. After the treatments, the obsession with trains was reduced and Timothy is now better able to handle “no”. He is more stable and calm in general, even when he is not able to get what he wants. In addition, he is now more verbal and seems to better understand what is going on. He is even able to come up and tell his mother, “Mummy, I want to go out.”

Close to the end of 3 months, Evelyn also recommended some products which made a huge difference to Timothy. Her mother commented that she has tried many treatments including ABA, biomedical treatments, neurofeedback, and cranial sacral and other therapies. During the period of time that Timothy was on our program (to be fair, he was continuing with other treatments as well), she has seen more improvements than at any time before.


Eugene Kang (age 5)

ATEC score (baseline) = 13
ATEC score (after 5 months of treatments) = 2 (improvement of 85%)

Eugene was slower in speech compared to his peers, has a lot of irrational fears, very shy and withdrawn and was not able to take initiative for a lot of matters. Besides going for our treatments, they decided to switch him to a Montessori School.

After the treatments, parents mentioned that they have seen so many improvements in Eugene. In fact, looking at him, they are not even sure whether the billing that the psychologist has given him about being autistic is true, and they plan to get a re-assessment to get that label off him.

For example, now he would actually greet people very willingly and initiate contact with others which he never does in the past. He also did well in the school performance which recently ended. Many of his anxieties and repetitive speech patterns have diminished or totally disappeared. He used to have a huge fear of balloons that have gone away. Right now, we continue to work on bringing his fears down as his parents recognize the beneficial impact of bioenergy treatments on Eugene.


Jordan Kuek (age 11)

ATEC score (baseline) = 64
ATEC score (after 3 months) = 51 (improvement of 20%)

After treatments, Jordan is more responsive and aware. For example, he will help his sister carry the chair without being asked. He also responds to questions and voices his own opinion. He is also more spontaneous in conversations. He is no longer passive but will give suggestions and comments when watching the cousins playing their ipad. Jordan’s aunt notices that he has less repetitive movements. His grandma is happy that he is more mischievous as it shows that he is now developing more of his own personality. More settled at night as well. In the past, he will get agitated at night with his sister, but these days he is much calmer. We continue to work with him with regards to his anxiety with doing independent work.

Yes, unfortunately it does take time for the children to get better! I wish I have a magic wand that can just make everything better instantly, but I don’t. At least not yet!

Someone once told me, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is NOW.”

I would like to paraphrase him, “The best time to get your child treated was 3 years ago. The next best time is NOW.” The end of the year is always a time for reflection and New Year’s resolutions. Would one of your resolutions be for your child to improve in his condition? Give us a call at 96980688 Evelyn if it is.

On behalf of Singapore Autism Solution, happy 2013!


Singapore Autism Solution