Newsletter 12 – What Has Hering’s Law Got to Do with My Autistic Child?

Hering’s Law states the following:

“Healing takes place from the top to the bottom, from the inside to the outside, from the greater organs to the lesser organs, and in the reverse order in which the disease manifest.”

What this means is that the progress of disease always occurs in a particular order. It would start with illnesses that affect the lesser organs. The lesser organs are the skin and colon. Problems in this area are like eczema and constipation.

The body tries to compensate for toxins from the environment by detoxifying the body at every turn. It does this through episodes of acute illnesses like fever, colds, skin breakouts, etc to heat up the body and clear the toxic load.

The problem is that in our modern society, when acute illnesses hit, the most common option is to take antibiotics or painkillers to suppress the symptoms. Instead of resolving the cause, the problem actually goes deeper.

The body will try to clear a problem at least 3 times via acute illnesses. If it is unable to do so, the illness goes deeper into the liver and stomach. Issues in this area include the leaky gut and problems in detoxifying the body properly. From here, it is a vicious spiral downwards. The child may start to lose its sensitivity to what is going on inside his own body. Some parents of autistic children for example reflect that their children are never ill… the reason is because the body has lost its natural ways of detoxifying through acute illnesses.

If these are not dealt with and the toxic burden continue to increase, it hits the more delicate organs like the kidneys and the lungs (that’s why there are two of each, it’s to ensure the functionality of the person). Diseases here include asthma, respiratory issues and sinus issues.

Finally, the heart and brain are the most critical organs. If these are affected, this means the disease has gone very deep indeed.

The implications for this are:

1)      Autism is a disease that has hit the brains and therefore it will take time for the progression of illness to reverse. Reversal must occur via the brain, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, colon and skin channels (from top to bottom, from greater organs to lesser organs, from inside to outside).

2)      Vaccine is a form of toxin. For a child who already shows signs of weak health, the vaccine can be the final nail in the coffin, pushing the illness deeper and affecting the brains.

3)      The toxic load is not built up overnight. In fact, it is likely that the parents of the autistic children actually have toxic load built up in the body which is then passed down to the children. For example, if the mum already has problems with her lungs, this can be passed on to the child. When the vaccine is administered, this toxic load then affects the brain straightaway because all the lesser organs are already compromised. This will explain why the child is so young but the illness has already progressed to the brain.

4)      Healing reactions is a natural byproduct of healing and it is a good indicator that the body is coming back to balance as some of the healing reactions like fever, colds, cough, etc are actually acute illnesses brought on by the body to throw off the toxic load in the body.

Understanding Hering’s Law would help you understand that your child is actually a product of probably a long line of disease conditions in the family. It also provides a good indicator that if one of your children is autistic, other children that you may have may face similar toxic burden issues (luckily for them, it probably has not reached critical mass yet) that they should resolve in this lifetime as well or the cycle could perpetuate into future generations.

In the Spiderman’s movie, the classic line was, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Now that you have this knowledge and power, would you be willing to face the responsibility of bringing your family’s health to balance?


To Your Best Health,