We live in a poisonous world. Fish are loaded with mercury. Lead comes in through our tap water. The foods we eat are contaminated by pesticides. The problem is that many of these are neurotoxins – they attack the brain cells and cause many of the symptoms we know as autism.

One of the characteristics of an autistic child is that the liver is not able to detox properly (also known as a methylation issue), hence toxins tend to build up in the body and these have to be removed from the body for improvement in the condition.

In order for detox to happen safely, first of all, the detox organs like the gut, liver and the kidneys have to be strengthened. After that, a detox agent is slowly introduced together with a toxin binder to make sure the heavy metals are not re-absorbed back into the body.

Many of the symptoms known as autism would improve through removing the heavy metals and other toxins in the body over a period of time.


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