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Bioenergy therapy is one of the most effective ways to address psycho-emotional and physical trauma (For a detailed report as to why that is the case, please read our special report which you can download from our sidebar).

We are specialists in the use of different bioenergetics techniques for treatment. One of the most effective techniques which we have learnt is the Domancic Method of Bioenergy, also known as Bioenergy Therapy.

 Video on Domancic Bioenergy Therapy  

Bioenergy therapy is –

      • Safe
      • Non-invasive
      • Painless
      • Effective
      • Permanent
      • Fast


Bioenergy Therapy was developed in the 1970′s by Zdenko Domancic, (Doe-MAAN-cheech). Currently, in Europe, the Domancic Clinic is the largest Bioenergy clinic in the western world, treating over 140 people with all types of illnesses a week, with a waiting list of 6 months and more. Domancic himself has healed over a million people in his 30 years of work.

Because of this work, the Slovenian government has endorsed Bioenergy Therapy and even fund the Bioenergy Clinic to provide the service for everyone.

Scientific Backing

In 1985, a case study by a leading medical establishment of then Yugoslavia documented the success of how bioenergy reverse the condition of advanced gangrene in 300 patients, NONE of whom lost their extremities due to amputation.

More recently, in the spring of 2007, Bioenergy Therapy was used for cancer cell research at the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The project involved the observation of in vitro aggressive cancer cells being destroyed after a seven minute Bioenergy treatment whilst healthy cells were not affected.

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