Newsletter 7 – More Children Got Better!


For those of you who have browsed our website, you are probably familiar with the testimonial of Darren and Bryan. What some of you may not know is that Bryan just finished another 3 months with us and his ATEC score is now 46, you can see his ATEC report here =>

ATEC Report of Bryan (after 6 months)

ATEC Report of Bryan (Baseline)

ATEC Chart of Bryan

Bryan is currently 4 years old. His improvements include:

1) Behavior

– When we first started treatments, Bryan was throwing things out of the windows. That behavior stopped around 1.5 months into the treatment.

– He used to have repetitive behaviour of opening and closing the doors which has also stopped.

– The tantrums where he rolls on the floor is also much reduced.

– His hyperactivity has also reduced further.

2) Speech

– From not being able to speak, Bryan is now trying to speak single words like apple and orange.

– He has also started calling daddy, verbalising his own name and learning how to count numbers.

Not only did the child show improvement, but Bryan’s mother used to have difficulty hearing Bryan cry and had difficulty managing him. Through the coaching processes that we offered, she is now much more confident in instilling discipline in Bryan.



For the full testimonial of Deyaan, see the letter from his father here.

Deyaan is currently 3 years old. These are his improvements:


– Repetitive movements (e.g grinding of teeth, flapping of hands, hand rotations) are much reduced.

– He used to like to move back and forth along the length of the cabinet and when we used to call him, he would ignore us. Now he is able to respond straightaway when we call him.

– He is able to remove his diapers spontaneously whenever he needs to use the bathroom. In the past he would pee or poo in his diapers.


– More interactive with his relatives when he was back in India

– He is starting to play with his brother when in the past, he would prefer to be by himself.


– He started picking up and speaking more single words like eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

– He is able to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to his helper when asked if he wants a certain food.

– He can even sing a complete sentence from a song he listens to every night.

– Deyaan is now also able to repeat back alphabets from A to Z, 1 to 10, as well as colours like pink.

– He will now repeat what he hears while watching TV.


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