Atec Results of Sahrizan and Nalini


ATEC score improve from 14 to 6 in 5 months

Sahrizan is a 4-year old boy whose main issues when he first saw us was some hyperactivity, spaciness and a lack of friends in school due to his social behavior.

The hyperactivity went away after the treatments. In addition, his speech became clearer and he also became more verbal.

He used to need to wear diapers at night and when he was outside because he has a tendency to wet himself. After the treatments, he can now go to the bathroom by himself at night and inform his parents that he need to go to the toilet when he is outside.

In terms of sociability, he used to ignore his younger brother. Now he would go and hug him on his own. The teacher commented that while he used to be by himself in the past, now he can be part of the group and even initiate contact with them.

Atec Chart of Sahrizan

ATEC baseline report of Sahrizan

ATEC report after 5 months Sahrizan



ATEC score improve from 47 to 37 in 3 months

Nalini is now 5 and a half years old. She has been on biomedical treatments for over 2 years and there seem to be a plateau in her improvements. After we started treatments, the mother notices that she starts to respond to their calls and her eye contact also improves.

Interestingly, she demonstrated some healing reactions over the full three months. In the first month, she started showing behavior that she used to display at 4 years old. After the second month, she started showing behavior she used to display at 3 years old. The third month sees her displaying behavior she once had at 2 years old. Eventually this behavior will diminish and then disappear altogether. We call this regression. As part of healing, the body may start to surface behavior or symptoms which were present in the past for it to clear out from the system. This allows the body to come back to normalcy.

Atec Chart of Nalini

ATEC baseline report of Nalini

ATEC 3 months report of Nalini

Note: The  names have been changed to protect the child’s identity                                                  More testimonials…