Transcripts of Darren’s Video

“My name is Darren. My son Bryan Neo, we were a bit worried about him… a year plus and we see that his response compared to the other child is a bit slow. There is no eye contact, no speech comes out from him yet so anyway we brought him to KK and it was reflected that he has autism and then along the way, my wife chanced upon Darius for this energy treatment so we happen to contact him somewhere in December last year (2010).

Before the treatment, he doesn’t have eye contact and that’s why when we talk to him or call him, he don’t look at you and he is a bit hyperactive. Speech is still… he doesn’t call daddy mummy and the usual stuff so not a single word from him yet.

So after 3 months of treatment, we noticed that he has better eye contact now. Ok when you call him or talk to him, his eyes look at you and so his response to us is better and hyperactive is still there but now when he is outside, he don’t run around. He will look at you before he runs so in a sense, there is an improvement in that. Eye contact… he is more sociable now. He is aware of his surroundings compared to last time. We always think he is living in his own world, now we can see he is always running to you and want to play with you.

We would like to thank Darius for his treatment, coming all the way down to Jurong for the energy treatments.”