Transcript of Siti’s Video

“Hi, my name is Siti, mother of Nafiz. He is 3 years old. He has autism formally diagnosed by a doctor in April last year (2010).

Previously what I noticed was that he didn’t have eye contact with other people except for me and my mum and he doesn’t play with the brothers and of course he doesn’t talk.

But after 3 months of the treatment, Nafiz is playing with the brothers and even willing to wait for his turn to kick the ball and eye contact is definitely an improvement, especially with strangers.

Usually his sickness is draggy because with autism, most of them have allergies so his tends to be on the skin or asthma. There were a lot of improvements in the immune system part. There was once when he was having constipation for 3 days and one of the healers came in and he was doing his tummy and the minute the healer went home, Nafiz starts to poo everywhere and he feels so much better after that.

For me and my family, we would like to give a lot of appreciation and thanks to the healers, Darius, Monisha and Carolyn ok, who have been very helpful and understanding when initially they come Nafiz runs around and around and as time goes by, Nafiz actually goes to them and sit with them and the rapport they build with Nafiz was good, its very great so thank you from me and my family.”