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Greater Sensory Awareness – Story of Darren (Father) and Bryan (Autistic Son)

Read the transcript of this video here

Bryan is the only child of Darren and Adeline. He was around 2 and half years old when he came to us for treatment. He was not able to have functional speech. At the end of 3 months, though he was still not able to speak, he is able to make some audible sounds, almost as if he is on the verge of speaking.

The greatest improvement is in the area of sociability and awareness. Darren and Adeline used to be so worried about Bryan when he is outside as he doesn’t seem to be aware of potential dangers around him. Now he is much more aware of his surroundings and also shows much more interactivity with people around him, including both his parents.

ATEC score (baseline) = 75

View Bryan’s baseline Report here

ATEC score (after 3 months) = 55

View Bryan’s ATEC Report after 3 months here

ATEC Score (after 6 months) = 46

View Bryan’s ATEC Report after 6 months here

View Bryan’s ATEC Chart after 6 months below

Atec Chart of Bryan Neo after 6 mths

“So after 3 months of treatment, we noticed that he has better eye contact now. We always think he is living in his own world, now we can see he is always running to you and want to play with you.” – Darren


“Bryan’s hyperactivity has reduced and his temper tantrums are more manageable. He is now learning to say ‘Daddy’ and is able to show me what he wants using PEC cards. In the past he could only use gestures to express himself. He is also showing enthusiasm in identifying numbers, alphabets and even pronounce his own name.” – Ai Gee


Improvement in Sociability – Story of Siti (Mother) and Nafiz (Autistic Son)

Siti has 3 children in total, the youngest being Nafiz. Nafiz was 3 years old when we saw him (in 2010). Nafiz was following the developmental stages of a normal child until his 18th month, when he begun to regress. Some of the characteristics he used to display are that he would pretend that he is running for a race and counting down 1 to 3 before running with his brothers. After his regression, he becomes seemingly lost in his own world.

That was the state we found Nafiz when we first met him. He was oblivious to our presence there and reacted violently to any attempts to place our hands on him. After the 3rd session, Siti started to see a marked improvement in his behaviour. Besides improved eye contact, he becomes more sociable, starts playing more with his brothers, and even starts to display behavior that he used to have before regression – like pretending to run in a race. By the end of 3 months, Nafiz would come to us and show curiosity in our presence at his home. His father also mentioned that before that, he would not acknowledge his father, but now he is willing to play with him.

ATEC score (baseline) = 68

View Nafiz’s baseline ATEC Report here

ATEC score (after 3 months) = 32

View Nafiz’s ATEC Report after 3 months here

The video testimonial has been taken down at the request of Siti, due to religious regions. As a Muslim, Siti started wearing the tundung recently and the video showed her without one. However you may still read the video transcript at this link below.

Read the transcript of this video here

“But after 3 months of the treatment, Nafiz is playing with the brothers and even willing to wait for his turn to kick the ball and eye contact is definitely an improvement, especially with strangers.” – Siti


Eugene Kang

ATEC score (baseline) = 13
ATEC score (after 5 months of treatments) = 2 (improvement of 85%)


Eugene was slower in speech compared to his peers, has a lot of irrational fears, very shy and withdrawn and was not able to take initiative for a lot of matters. Besides going for our treatments, they decided to switch him to a Montessori School.

After the treatments, parents mentioned that they have seen so many improvements in Eugene. In fact, looking at him, they are not even sure whether the billing that the psychologist has given him about being autistic is true, and they plan to get a re-assessment to get that label off him.

For example, now he would actually greet people very willingly and initiate contact with others which he never does in the past. He also did well in the school performance which recently ended. Many of his anxieties and repetitive speech patterns have diminished or totally disappeared. He used to have a huge fear of balloons that have gone away. Right now, we continue to work on bringing his fears down as his parents recognize the beneficial impact of bioenergy treatments on Eugene.


Sahrizan (4 years old)

ATEC score improve from 14 to 6 in 5 months (improvement of 64%)

Sahrizan is a 4-year old boy whose main issues when he first saw us was some hyperactivity, spaciness and a lack of friends in school due to his social behavior.

The hyperactivity went away after the treatments. In addition, his speech became clearer and he also became more verbal.

He used to need to wear diapers at night and when he was outside because he has a tendency to wet himself. After the treatments, he can now go to the bathroom by himself at night and inform his parents that he need to go to the toilet when he is outside.

In terms of sociability, he used to ignore his younger brother. Now he would go and hug him on his own. The teacher commented that while he used to be by himself in the past, now he can be part of the group and even initiate contact with them.

Atec Chart of Sahrizan


Leslie Liew (4 years old)

ATEC Score before treatment – 83
ATEC Score after treatment – 37 (improvement of 55%)

When Leslie first came to us, his parents commented that he was angry and non-compliant. After the 3 months, there was a dramatic change in his behavior. Firstly, his mood improved and he started laughing more. Secondly, he started paying more attention to his classmates. He even put blankets on for the younger children when they were having their nap. He would also take the initiative to inform his classmates that their parents had come for them. In addition, he started verbalizing more than before.

Click here for ATEC Chart of Leslie Liew


Timothy Tham (4 years old)

ATEC score (baseline) = 69
ATEC score (after 5 months of treatments) = 34 (improvement of 51%)


Previously, Timothy has a huge obsession with lining trains up, and he has such an addiction to the iphone that if it is taken away from him, he would immediately go into a huge tantrum. Within 2 weeks of the bioenergy session, we can see that he shows more awareness. After the treatments, the obsession with trains was reduced and Timothy is now better able to handle “no”. He is more stable and calm in general, even when he is not able to get what he wants. In addition, he is now more verbal and seems to better understand what is going on. He is even able to come up and tell his mother, “Mummy, I want to go out.”

Close to the end of 3 months, Evelyn also recommended some products which made a huge difference to Timothy. Her mother commented that she has tried many treatments including ABA, biomedical treatments, neurofeedback, and cranial sacral and other therapies. During the period of time that Timothy was on our program (to be fair, he was continuing with other treatments as well), she has seen more improvements than at any time before.

“Timothy is 4 years old. He is more responsive, more aware and clearer in his speech. I am glad that he is more able to verbally express what he wants with more words. He is also less liable to throw tantrums when he has to take a ‘no’ from me and is less sensory seeking.” – Bao Ling (parent of Timothy)



Alvin Wong (8 years old)

ATEC Score before treatment – 40
ATEC Score after 3 months of treatment – 27 (improved by 33%)

Alvin was a 8 year old boy that responded within the first month of treatment. His awareness started improving. His speech therapist commented that his speech is much clearer. In the past, he would be oblivious when his toy is spoilt, but he could now notice the condition of his toy and asks for a new one to replace it. He used to have anger outbursts that would go on for a long time, but after the treatments, he was much calmer.

Click here for ATEC Chart of Alvin Wong


Nalini (5 years old)

ATEC score improve from 47 to 37 in 3 months (improved by 21%)

Nalini is now 5 and a half years old. She has been on biomedical treatments for over 2 years and there seem to be a plateau in her improvements. After we started treatments, the mother notices that she starts to respond to their calls and her eye contact also improves.

Interestingly, she demonstrated some healing reactions over the full three months. In the first month, she started showing behavior that she used to display at 4 years old. After the second month, she started showing behavior she used to display at 3 years old. The third month sees her displaying behavior she once had at 2 years old. Eventually this behavior will diminish and then disappear altogether. We call this regression. As part of healing, the body may start to surface behavior or symptoms which were present in the past for it to clear out from the system. This allows the body to come back to normalcy.

Click here for ATEC Chart of Nalini

“After Evelyn and Darius treated my back for a few sessions, it was completely gone. My hands now feel more relaxed. I’m amazed by the fact that I only need 5 mins to get up from bed compared to the previous 30 minutes as I had to relax my body before I could move… Thanks a lot! You guys keep me amazed with all the work that you do!” – Hannah (parent of Nalini)

Update from Hannah

“Nalini has gained more awareness over these past months. She is also now making progress in the aspect of sociability. She used to shy away from children her age but now she is taking the initiative to say hello and introduce herself to new friends. She used to hit her younger sister whenever she was irritated by her, but now she is able to communicate and resolve the issue without violence nor our intervention. She is becoming more like a normal child as days go by.”


Jordan Kuek

ATEC score (baseline) = 64
ATEC score (after 3 months) = 51 (improvement of 20%)


After treatments, Jordan is more responsive and aware. For example, he will help his sister carry the chair without being asked. He also responds to questions and voices his own opinion. He is also more spontaneous in conversations. He is no longer passive but will give suggestions and comments when watching the cousins playing their ipad. Jordan’s aunt notices that he has less repetitive movements. His grandma is happy that he is more mischievous as it shows that he is now developing more of his own personality. More settled at night as well. In the past, he will get agitated at night with his sister, but these days he is much calmer. We continue to work with him with regards to his anxiety with doing independent work.



Deyaan is currently 3 years old. These are his improvements:


– Repetitive movements (e.g grinding of teeth, flapping of hands, hand rotations) are much reduced.

– He used to like to move back and forth along the length of the cabinet and when we used to call him, he would ignore us. Now he is able to respond straightaway when we call him.

– He is able to remove his diapers spontaneously whenever he needs to use the bathroom. In the past he would pee or poo in his diapers.


– More interactive with his relatives when he was back in India

– He is starting to play with his brother when in the past, he would prefer to be by himself.


– He started picking up and speaking more single words like eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

– He is able to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to his helper when asked if he wants a certain food.

– He can even sing a complete sentence from a song he listens to every night.

– Deyaan is now also able to repeat back alphabets from A to Z, 1 to 10, as well as colours like pink.

– He will now repeat what he hears while watching TV.

Deyaan has shown more awareness in his environment and improved sociability since he started treatment 1 month ago. He is able to interact more comfortably with relatives and is looking into people’s eyes longer. His repetitive movements have also reduced and he is starting to speak single words like eyes, nose, mouth etc. Actually he can now sing a complete sentence from a song he listens to every night. Thanks to Evelyn and Darius.” – Suresh

Further update from Suresh

“Deyaan is now able to recite the alphabets from A to Z, count from 1 to 10 and name some colors.”

Update from Deyaan’s mom

“Deyaan is now able to remove his diapers and pants on his own when he needs to go to the bathroom. In the past he had no control over his urinary and bowel movements. My back pain is also gone after receiving Bioenergy treatments” – Shruti



“Lucas started to show increased awareness after the 1st month of treatment. In the past he would not dare to go up the slides in the playground but now is able to do so on his own. Our maid commented that he seems to understand what is going on in the TV drama and will actually cry when the story is a sad one. His repetitive movements – tiptoeing, flapping of ears and clapping of hands are all either eliminated or greatly reduced. My wife (who also received therapy from Darius and Evelyn) felt a big difference in her response at work. She used to have anger issues but is now calmer and easier to get along with. She also used to have constipation but this problem is gone now.” Sameul P.



“I noticed that Lenny’s eye contact has improved and he does not show so much anxiety when he goes to the doctors (he used to panic and cry uncontrollably in those settings). He is also speaking more and pronouncing his words more clearly. He is still picking up new words each week.” – Mui Ling

Update from Mui Ling two months later –

” Lenny is now able to say more than one word such as ‘on the light’ and ‘on the fan’. His hyperactivity has also reduced and he is now able to sit down and play with me. In the past he was just too restless to do that.”

Recent updates from Mui Ling (Dec 2012) –

“Just want to share with you…I brought Lenny for speech therapy today and the therapist said he has shown alot of improvement. I think the supplements you gave him really helped.” and “Today he just said his first sentence ‘I want to drink milk'”.

Update from Mui Ling  (Mar 2012) –

” Since…late 2011 till now, Lenny has managed to overcome most of his sensory issues, (there is ) great reduction in OCD, (and has gone from) non-verbal to speech. Main area of focus now will be cognitive (function) and language (improvement). He can repeat words but don’t understand (them). He needs to also improve on his social  communication. So I will say we are somewhere at the halfway mark! 🙂


” Cyrus used to wet his bed every night. Now his bed wetting has reduced to 2 or 3 times a week. In the past he would sleep through the night on his wet bed but now he would attempt to go to the bathroom to pee. When he does wet his bed accidentally he would wake his auntie up to change the sheets as he cannot tolerate the smell of urine.” – Lilian


“Cyrus got a lot of improvement since he undergo therapy with you…Thanks guys!” – Marilag, Cyrus’ domestic helper



My name is Sreya and I have a daughter named Anita. She was suspected to have mild to moderate autism by a psychologist at 3 and a half years old. I was worried about her. I came to know about Darius and Radiant Wellness Centre and started our journey with them in late May 2014. 4 sessions later, I am writing this in early Nov 2014. Over the past 5 plus months, I have seen improvements for Anita in the following areas:
1) She used to stick only to her dad. Her relationship with me has grown closer over the past few months.
2) The school has commented that she is showing improvements and also responding to the teachers’ questions. She never used to do that in the past.
3) Her awareness has improved. Now she is able to be curious about what is happening around her and react to them more appropriately.
4) She is less rigid than in the past
5) She used to have some stimming in the form of fluttering her fingers but that has totally disappeared now.
6) She is now gone back to singing songs with the proper words and do the actions associated with the songs, something she used to do at 2 years, but which she had lost after 3.
7) We brought her for trick-and-treat during Halloween and usually she doesn’t respond well to crowds. This time, she can better adjust to it and tolerate the noise and transitions. In the past, she would have just cried and not enjoy herself at all.
8) In the past, she would cry and no one would know why since she couldn’t express herself. Now she is able to express her likes and dislikes more clearly with language.

I am hopeful that we would continue to see improvements in Anita over the following months. On behalf of my family and me, we would like to extend our thanks to Radiant Wellness Centre and Darius!



I am Indonesian and am the parent of an autistic child, Bill. Bill is now 10 years old, and was diagnosed as autistic at 4 years old. At 4 years old, he was speaking only single words. Now he speaks in sentences.

He was in special school for 3 years in Genesis Singapore and spent 6 months in Australian inclusion class in Jakarta. Now he is doing home schooling under ABA program.

Before I met Darius, I went to see one DAN doctor in Jakarta and another one in Singapore. Bill was put on the GFCF diet and chelation. The diet did help Bill. As for chelation, we did DMSA chelation with B12 injections for 2 years but there wasn’t much in terms of improvements we can see from chelation, even though his hair test shows high level of mercury and lead. Looking back, it was really not worth all the time, effort, money and suffering.

My friend’s daughter was autistic and diagnosed at 4. At 6 years old, she found Darius and was under his treatment. Now she is 7. During that time, though she was also on other treatments, she really improves very significantly overall. Now she attends mainstream with a shadow teacher in Jakarta in the Australian school. She shows improvement mostly in her verbal expressions and social skills and is really high functioning now. She still has tantrums and mood swings but nothing that is too serious.

I heard about Darius from this friend and went to see him around 1.5 years ago. I would fly in to Singapore every 3-6 months with Bill to see him and he would do energetic treatments whilst also giving supplements for the time that we do not see him.

He also did an autonomic response testing for me and told me about the allergies I have, and this corresponds with the full allergy test that I actually did. But what was most important is the improvements that Bill has made under his treatment.

Bill has made improvements in cognitive skills, self-regulation and slightly in terms of verbal expressions. His focus and attention span is much better and his awareness is really good now. He is able to express his needs and feelings, though 2 ways communication is still a challenge for us.

I look forward to seeing more improvements with Bill and have started my younger child (who shows hyperactive tendencies) on Darius’s protocol as well.




I would like to thank you for treating my son; Muhd Izzat, who was diagnosed with mild to moderate autism. Before seeing you, Izzat often threw tantrums and would not be able to sit still long. This had resulted in him having difficulty in class.

You had advised to keep him on a gluten-free diet and at the same time recommended some supplements for him. Since March 2013, there have been great improvements in both his behaviours and social well-being.

Izzat is calmer and his teachers have been commented on his improvements in class.

Thank you Darius for treating Izzat and helping to improve on his conditions.

Yours Sincerely,

Muhammad Rizal
Father of Muhd Izzat


I came to Darius last year when my grand daughter’s school psychologist said my granddaughter has autism in its mildest form.

She was then not focused, had difficulty making eye contact, walks quite unstable and was not able to string words to make a full sentence to express herself.

Today she is a confident young girl. Walks steady and with confidence and holds a conversation and expresses herself with no hesitation.  The change in her is quite obvious and I am happy to say that I give credit to Darius and the work he has done and continue to do for my grand daughter.

Thank you again Darius





Rina is doing very well. She started to eat pizza which she hasn’t done before. Just last week, she swallowed her first enzyme capsule and we were so thrilled. She used to be afraid of being near young children. Now she walks up to them. With the older kids, she wants to join them in group activities although she’s yet to know how. About a month back, she swam by herself without floatation device. She’s progressing pretty well. Thanks!

Shirley, mother of Rina



To illustrate what the ATEC score is, the Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) (http://www.autism.com/ind_atec_survey.asp) was developed by the Autism Research Institute (ARI) as a convenient no-cost Internet scoring procedure that will calculate four subscale scores (speech/ language/ communication, sociability, sensory/ cognitive awareness and health/ physical/ behavior) and a total score to assist parents, physicians and researchers to evaluate virtually any treatment for autism. The total score ranges from 0 to 180. The higher the score and the closer to 180, the more severe the autistic symptoms in the child tested. A score of 0 would indicate that the child do not show any autistic symptoms.

Each of the children in the testimonials undergoes 3 months of treatment. The baseline ATEC report is done by the parents before any treatment commences and the ATEC report is done again after 3 months of treatments using bioenergy therapy. As can be observed, the score fell for each of the children, indicating improvements in their autistic symptoms.

The full reports (baseline and after 3 months) are attached for each child for easier comparison of the before and after results.

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