Newsletter 8 – 4 Exercises to Help Your Autistic Child Right Now

Babies begin life with a ‘homolateral’ pattern whereby the right side of the brain governs the right side of the body and the left hemisphere the left side. The act of crawling establishes the patterning that allows the energies to cross over.

The problem is that because autistic children hit certain developmental blocks, they never establish the patterning that allows the energies to cross over. ‘Homolateral’ patterns are associated with lack of focus, concentration and slower brain development.

For that matter, here are two exercises from Brain Gym that you can use to correct the ‘homolateral’ patterning. Unfortunately, since the patterning has been set in place for a long time, it may take up to a month or longer to correct it, so do be patient.

Exercise #1: Modified cross-crawl (from Brain Gym exercises)

Sit behind your child. Move his left hand to touch his right ear and then move his right hand to touch his left ear. Do that ten times for each round.

Exercise #2: Lazy-8 (from Brain Gym exercises)

Let your child sit between your legs and sing songs together. Hold his hands and made the infinity sign or the sideways number 8 in the air while singing the songs.

We also hear a lot about children with hyperactive tendencies, for that matter, here is one exercise adapted from Jin-Shin Jyutsu and acupressure that you can use.

Exercise #3: Holding his left and right big toes at the same time.

Helps to calm down the nervous system.

We have also found one critical element to the behaviour of your child is your own emotional state when dealing with the child. When you are confident, the child would respond to your commands. If you hesitate or are doubtful, the child senses and acts out in response. The next exercise deals with your own emotional state.

Exercise #4: Learn Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) and do it on yourself

Emotional freedom therapy (EFT) has given people freedom from debilitating emotions like guilt, regret, fear, sadness and anger.

Download the free ebook from and learn it.

When you clear up your emotional states when dealing with the child, you would be surprised at how he would start responding to you. If you sign up with us, we would also teach and guide you on how to do this for yourself and the child.

All these can be done by you for your child. Of course, you may already be overwhelmed by all the tasks that you need to do on a daily basis. You may want to consider our bioenergy therapy and coaching because it would provide one of the easiest, fast and effective ways to deal with the above issues without too much of your daily involvement.



P.S. Check out our FAQ section that is newly added to find out what are some of the first steps you can take if you discover your child is autistic and other commonly asked questions!