Newsletter 6 – What is the Difference Between Our BioEnergy Therapies and Other Energy Modalities?

FAQ: What is the Difference between Bioenergy Therapy as practiced by us and other energetic methods like Reiki, Cranial-Sacral therapy, etc? How about Bioenergy Therapy and Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT)?

All the energetic healing therapies are wonderful healing arts, but bioenergy therapy in particular has proven to be very effective as compared to other modalities. We have also studied other methods like Reiki, Pranic healing, Longevitology, etc, but the reason we are doing bioenergy therapy is because we find it the most effective in treating autistic children.

When it comes to energetic therapies, the practitioner’s level of skills and experience becomes an important part of the equation as well.

Using the analogy of a professional pianist, the reason why a professional pianist can play the piano so well as compared to an amateur is because of the long hours of practice put into the work. Similarly, the field created by a skilled practitioner is different from that of an amateur. I have been doing energetic work for over 6 years.

In addition, currently if you go to any practitioners, including those for bio-resonance, they only work on the child. But we have found that there is also an energetic pattern between the parents and child that has an effect on the child, which is covered in our work. Based on a research done at UCLA Children’s Hospital by Lonnie Zeitzer, MD released in 2005 and carried in Good Morning America, USA Today and the ABC Evening News: Children’s chronic pain and illness can be caused by anxiety from the parents. Hence the treatment usually includes the bioenergy treatment for the parent as well as the child. Recently after 3 sessions working with one of the mothers, the parents saw a noticeable improvement with the child.

In addition, most energetic therapies only works on the body as a whole, but in our protocol, we also have methods to work on specific behavioural issues that the child has (e.g lack of sociability). This is covered under our coaching work with the parents.

We believe in empowerment for the parents as well, so during the sessions, we would also teach the parent specific techniques that they can use on the child forever for the child’s continuous improvement.

Due to these differences, we aim to tackle the complex issue of autism through many different angles so as to speed up the healing.

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