Newsletter 5 – We Got Hugs from Sahrizan….

We Got Hugs from Sahrizan…

Who has just finished 5 months of treatment with us.

It was a period of ups and downs, for both the parents and us. Healing reactions are a very common phenomenon in our work. For those who have put their child before on the GFCF diet, it is very similar to the yeast die-off reaction. This means that the child can regress and seem to worsen before getting better.

At some points in time, Sahrizan really went way down, his response became much slower, he started having sleep issues, and there were times when he was just so spacey.

Fortunately for all of us, all these symptoms cleared up and after the healing reactions, there were marked improvements in his condition. Over the 5 months, his ATEC score improved from 14 to 6 (0 means that the child no longer has any observable symptoms of autism).

These are some of the improvements that his mum has noted:

–          Sahrizan used to need to wear diapers, especially when out of home. He can now go to the toilet himself when his parents bring him out and even at night when he sleeps, he would wake up automatically and go to the bathroom by himself.

–          He used to ignore his younger brother. Now he would go and hug him on his own.

–          His speech is clearer and he is also more verbal.

–          The teacher commented that while in the past, he will be by himself, now he will be with the group and even initiate contact with them.

Besides Sahrizan, we also just finished a 3 months treatment with Nalini. In her case, her ATEC score improved from 47 to 37. Nalini is now 5 and a half years old. Interestingly, she also demonstrated some healing reactions over the full three months. In the first month, she started showing behavior that she used to display at 4 years old. After the second month, she started showing behavior she used to display at 3 years old. The third month sees her displaying behavior she once had at 2 years old. Eventually this behavior will diminish and then disappear altogether. What is the implication?

Our hypothesis is that every month of our treatment can be reversing the effects of the damage done to the body due to a weak immune system over 1 year. This would also explain why we seem to get better results with younger children compared to older ones, because we would need a far longer time to work on older children to reverse the damage in the body.

At some points in the treatment, Nalini was imitating our bioenergy movements, and also calling us “magic yoga” (since she was also taking yoga at the same time). Besides hugs from Sahrizan, we have also received 2 muffins baked by him (he loves to do that apparently). Sometimes it’s these little touches that make all our work worthwhile.

For those parents who have signed up with us, our appreciation for the opportunity to serve. For those who have not yet signed up, hopefully we would have a chance to eventually serve you.

P.S You can go to this link to refer to the ATEC reports and charts for Sahrizan and Nalini and hear what parents have to say about us!




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