Newsletter 3 – Is Autism a Genetic Disease?

I thought I would go into some frequently asked questions (FAQ) that many parents asked. These are based on my own readings and thoughts of the matter and definitely have not come under scientific scrutiny, but I hope you can also think through some of these and see whether it makes sense for you.

So the question for today is…



In every cell of our body, there is something known as our DNA which instructs the cells what to do. Genes are part of these DNA and each gene or group of genes expresses a particular quality, e.g the colour of our hair. To me, the DNA encodes the sum total of all memories of our ancestors and us in the genes. This includes all pleasant as well as traumatic memories.

Whenever there is a traumatic memory that is stored in that gene as an energetic blueprint, it mutates the original gene expression, in other words, there is now a vulnerability to a certain illness or disease. If there are enough environmental stressors like toxins, there will come a point in time when the weakest link will break, and the genes would then fully express the faulty programming from the traumatic memories. In other words, this is when the disease will “manifest”.

So this means that autism could be genetically linked because the vulnerabilities are already present in the DNA of the parents, and it takes trauma during the carrying term or pregnancy or an external trigger like a vaccine to set it off.

An interesting observation that has been made for a long time is why autism tends to affect more boys than girls. This, I believe, can be traced to the fact that boys have XY chromosomes in their DNA while girls have XX chromosomes. Our human body always aims to adapt as best they could. So if there is vulnerability in one of the X chromosomes, a girl could take the gene expression from another X chromosome. For a boy unfortunately, since they have only 1 X chromosome, this is not available to them. Hence, I believe that autism, if it is genetically linked, can be traced to genes in the X chromosome. For a girl to develop autism, it means that both X chromosomes have that fault in their genes.

Drawn to its logical conclusion, there is thus a danger because it means that girls born into a family where their male sibling has been diagnosed with autism may have children in future who would have higher risks than normal of developing autism.

The good news is that when bioenergy therapy is applied to the autistic child in the treatment, we are changing not just the gene expression that creates the autism symptoms of that child, we also affect the DNA of every other member in that family, including their sibling (because the family members are all energetically linked). That is why we are passionate about what we do, because our work not only has profound impacts on the child, but also on everyone in the family.


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