Newsletter 20 – A Zimbabwe Child Comes A-visiting

I recently got good news from a child I was treating who came all the way from Zimbabwe and thought I would include his story as a case study to indicate the type of intervention I do for autistic children.


Kenny’s (not his real name) story is typical of many autistic children. He was achieving his developmental milestones, able to talk a little by the first year, until somewhere in the 18th month after the MMR vaccination jab, when he regresses and all talk stops, he starting losing his eye contact and there was also a change in his personality – he started crying and becoming cranky more often.


His parents, Ronald and Helen, went around to different doctors and paediatricians (PD), hoping to find out what was wrong. Finally, one PD recognizes the symptoms. Kenny has autism.


Conventional medicine says there is nothing that can be done. Kenny is autistic and for all intents and purposes, is likely to be so for the rest of his life. He can do some behavioural therapies like occupational therapies, speech therapies or Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to become more functional, but recovery? Not likely at all.


After reading up on autism on the website, Helen was deeply disappointed to discover the controversy that autism is linked to the MMR vaccination jab. Not wanting to risk her child at the hands of western medicine which has already failed them once, they wanted to know whether eastern medicine could help them.


For some strange reasons which I still cannot comprehend, the first country that comes to mind is Singapore, so when they google on autism services in Singapore, they found my website.


I do not know the hope and faith that brought them from Zimbabwe to Singapore, but if there is a word for it, I would say it is Love. The Love that only parents know.


During the time they were in Singapore, I did six sessions of an hour each with Kenny. What did I do in the six sessions? Here is a short list of what I discovered and resolved:

–         Presence of radiation, including geopathic stress created by the earth, wireless devices and electrical appliances.


–         Miscarriage by the mother (I have discovered in my work that 70-80% of the autistic children almost always have a child who did not make it before their birth. This can range from miscarriages, abortions or a phenomena known as vanishing twin)


–         Family system issues (traumatic events that happen to the ancestors that is still affecting the child)


–         Emotions carried by the child due to overwhelming stress experienced by the mother during pregnancy (another common factor in autistic children)


–         Emotions carried by the mother and father that are affecting the child


–         Mercury toxicity in the mother that is passed on to the child through the placenta. The most common reason for this is silver fillings from dental work that the mother has done in the past (not necessarily during pregnancy). The more fillings the mother has, the more likely the child will be affected!


–         Toxic metals in his body including mercury, nickel, titanium and palladium (you can probably see the connection of these to the fillings in the mother, yes it is connected!), as well as toxins from pesticides and petroleum.


–         Bacterial infection of the mother (most common being the lyme bug) that is passed on to the child


–         Food allergies to wheat/gluten and milk/casein


–         Methylation cycle blocks (this determines whether the child can detox or not)


–         Presence of parasites, viruses and fungi


–         Presence of scar in the umbilicus due to birth trauma


–         Organs that are weak and strengthening them


–         Cause of his symptoms (speech delay, sociability, stimming, tiptoeing, fascination with rotating objects, wandering in the garden, constipation, peripheral vision, picky eater and inappropriate giggling) and how to deal with them


It was very intensive but if this was to have been done by any other modalities and interventions, it would typically have taken much more time, effort and money to resolve. The reason why we were able to get so many things covered in the short time Kenny was here was because of the elegance of autonomic response testing, which can precisely determine the issues and resolve it in a quick, efficient and effective way.


At the end of the 6 sessions, I recommended 13 supplements that are to be taken over 6 months, with an average of 3-4 supplements to be taken every month (with rotation amongst the supplements). Contrast this with biomedical approaches which can require the child to take from 15 – 20 supplements per month!


This is what Ronald and Helen reported back after one month, I have included it here ad-verbatim (these were written over several emails):


“Schools have just opened this side and Kenny went to preschool yesterday. The teacher commended on his responsiveness – that he is responding to commands. The therapists too have commended that he is responding well starting the beginning of this week. When even outsiders notice then yah it’s working. We hope to continue seeing some positives. His speech is at the level of my 9 month old daughter which is an improvement because he had got to a point where he did not babble at all.


He can sit in a group, strangers included, and does not feel nervous or anxious. There is improved eye contact, he is more co-operative, understands language better or generally follows instructions. He had started waking up early hours of the night since we came back from the trip, it’s stopped. We are happy with what we see and hope to continue seeing improvements especially with the language. He is just overall a lot calmer and happier.


I was at a point where I was frustrated and overwhelmed by this issue. Yes I had read a bit but I needed to know the specifics for my son and what to do. I counted days as they went by and feared we were going to miss on the early intervention window. I have renewed hope that my son will be well [after the consultations with you]. I must mention that we appreciate your non exploitative approach to this thing which many now have and it’s a pity.


Yes please go ahead and put our story without our real names. It may just get another parent(s) to rescue their son(s) in the least traumatizing way. I really hope that the parents this side will be convinced too to at least try this kind of intervention.”


Oh, one final thing, Ronald and Helen have done NO other interventions besides coming to Singapore to do the treatments. Hopefully reading this case study will give you a good illustration of the work that I do for autistic children. As always I can be reached at 94757950.


Yours in Service,