Newsletter 2 – How is Our Bioenergy Therapy Related to Quantum Physics?

 I know many people, when they first discover our website, finds it hard to believe our claims of being able to help autistic children using bioenergy therapy.

There are some people who won’t believe something unless it corresponds to science so let me attempt to explain what we do in the context of science, specifically quantum physics.

There is a common myth that quantum physics is only for the professors who are stuck in high ivory towers. But the truth is quantum physics can be a practical tool for us.

So what are some of these quantum physics principles that are meaningful for treatment of autism?

Quantum physics scientists have concluded that everything, including your child, you and me, is both matter and wave. Everything is actually a field of energy that becomes matter only when there is someone there to observe it.  Because of that, all outcomes, including the outcome that your child is totally well, are theoretically possible since it depends on what the observer believes he would observe.

So what does this mean? When the parents start to believe that the child would get better, the child actually does! The placebo effect that is ridiculed by the medical authorities is actually a strong component of any healing!

But the belief that we are talking about here is not just about willing it to happen (You would know that doesn’t work because you probably have tried hard to believe that your child would get well, but you still feel a sinking feeling that he wasn’t, and your sinking feeling is telling the truth about what you actually believe).

There are some specific steps that we do with the parents to make the shift in belief happen. For parents who have already signed up with us, you probably are saying “Aha” because you finally understand what we are doing during our coaching sessions together.

During our bioenergy session with the child, we are also holding the possibilities open of another outcome – an outcome where the child’s symptoms have disappeared, that he is well. As we do this over a period of time, the child starts to improve.

He has to, because he has to match up to what we believe about him!

Of course, this is just a simplistic explanation of what we actually do during the bioenergy therapy because again, there are specific steps we do, and for those of you who are already in the program or who have come for our free trial, you probably have experienced it for yourself.

Of course, we can say all we want, but sometimes a better proof is to show what OTHERS have done using the same line of reasoning. So here, we have included a video showing how energy workers in China were able to remove an inoperable tumor in the bladder of a woman in 3 minutes using the principles I have outlined above.

We may not be able to do the same with your child in 3 minutes, because every disease and condition is different. But I believe we can help improve the condition of your child…

And finally after all that has been said and done, isn’t that what you really want for your child as well?


Signing off,

Darius Soon