Newsletter 18 – 6 Most Common Causes We Have Detected for Autism Using Autonomic Response Testing

Since using Autonomic Response Testing, we have found some very interesting facts about autism that we thought we would like to share with you. For this article, we would just be writing them in brief and we would dedicate an article each to these issues in future. In reverse order of priority, these are the common causes and contributors to autism:

#6 is Allergies

Nothing unusual about this! From many parents’ experience, they have detected a change in behavior of their children after eating certain foods. The most common offending foods under this category include gluten found in wheat products and casein found in milk and dairy products. In fact, just by implementing the Gluten-Free Casein-Free Diet (GFCF), up to 69% of all autistic children have shown improvements as detailed in

#5 is Toxic Metals

All autistic children have toxic metals in their body. The difference is only in the degree of how much there are. We live in a toxic world, surrounded by petroleum based products and toxic metals that can be found in our food, water and environment. But we have found that the worst offender under this category is mercury. Where does this mercury come from? For autistic children, the two main sources are the mother (2/3 of the toxic load of the mother would be passed down to the first-born through the placenta) and the second is thimerosal (mercury-based preservative) from the vaccines.

#4 is the Belief Systems/Emotions of the Parents

Yes, this surprises us as well, but whatever emotions experienced by the parents are actually picked up by these sensitive children and then feedback to others around them. That is why in our work, we focuses not just on the child but sometimes if necessary on the emotions experienced by the parents like grief, sadness, anxiety, worry, etc.

#3 is Parasites, Bacteria, Fungi and Virus

This is also ALWAYS present in an autistic child. In fact, many symptoms that can be found in an autistic child are due to the presence of these in the child’s body and by controlling these, usually you can see a quick abatement of the symptoms.  In fact, there have been various theories supporting the idea that autism is nothing else except congenital Lyme disease.  What is Lyme? Lyme is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdoferi and other co-infections like Mycoplasma, Babesia, Bartonella amongst others. To get a fuller account of this theory, read this:

#2 is Family Systems

This is a complex field where traumas that happen to people in the ancestry line would affect the expression of the genes that are then passed down through the family line creating a vulnerability to the child. We have also observed in many cases this the autistic child comes after a vanishing twin, miscarriage or abortion. We suspect that the trauma of losing a child is energetically affecting the surviving child, and they have to bear the burden of that loss by becoming autistic. There is no one else in Singapore who can address this in the deep way we do it in our work. Usually after the intervention, the child would continue to see improvements even over a year.

#1 is Geopathic Stress

As Rolf Gordon has stated in his website,, “Geopathic Stress is the only common factor in most serious and long term illnesses and psychological conditions.” We have to agree. After testing, it was very obvious that this was the most common issue causing one child to recover while another child remains autistic. If this is not addressed, it is impossible for a child to recover fully. Again, there are almost no other practitioners working with autism in Singapore who are dealing with this.

I hope this gives you a good summary of the causes and contributors to autism for your child. We would be going into more details on each of these in subsequent articles. To read more about the research and references that goes into these, you can go to our website at


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