Newsletter 4 – What is the Link between Vaccination and Autism?

Last month, we went into whether autism is a genetic illness. We would like to explore another frequently asked question:


Qn: What is the Link between Vaccination and Autism?

There has been an uptrend in the numbers of autism in recent years. In fact, it has been estimated that 1 out of every 150 child born would be afflicted with autism. There seems to be a strong correlation between the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccination with autism and there has been parents who have noticed a regression in their child’s condition after vaccination.

To me, I believe that three factors together are largely responsible for whether any child would be affected by vaccination.

1)      The child already have traumatic memory content or a vulnerability in their DNA (refer to our report as well as last week’s newsletter for more information of this).

2)      During the time of the vaccination, the child was affected by something that made their immune system weaker than normal – it could be a cold, fever, etc.

3)      The combination of three viruses overwhelms the immune system. In the past, the vaccination is administered one by one, but now the immune system has to create three antibodies for the viruses simultaneously. 

One of the most common symptoms of autism is heavy metals toxicity. It is known that mercury, one of these heavy metals, is used to store the MMR vaccination, so there could be a direct influence of the vaccination that could cause the heavy metals toxicity.

The other possibility is that when the immune system shut down, the body no longer has the ability to detoxify compared to a normal child. Therefore any heavy metals that come in via the environment (for example lead from the water pipes) would affect the autistic children more than others.

I also believe that the earlier any treatment is administered, the greater the possibility of reversing the effects of the vaccination. With time, the immune system shut down would cause secondary damage to the body and brains. It is still debatable whether it is possible to reverse all the damage created but I believe that the immune system is a marvelous mechanism that if fully functioning, can repair all damage. Another factor obviously would be time – it takes time also for the immune system, even if it has switched back on, to prioritize and decide on the order for repair of the body.


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