Geopathic Stress | Sick Building Syndrome | Radiation Shielding

Geopathic stress is created by various underground formations such as subterranean rivers or fault lines that emit specific electromagnetic fields. This electromagnetic field can lower the immunity of a person staying in a dwelling, leaving the person with no resources to heal from diseases. It can affect you no matter whether you are staying on the ground floor or whether you are all the way up on the 42th floor.


Video on How to Identify If Your House is Making You Ill


More importantly, we have found that if your child’s sleeping location is affected by geopathic stress, then no matter what supplements, detox agents, treatments, etc he takes, he would still not be able to recover without taking care of this critical aspect. In Singapore Autism Solution, this is taken care of by going to your house and doing a geopathic stress test at the sleeping locations of the residents.


Video on Effect of EMF on the unborn child


EMF from mobile phones, power lines and other electrical appliances (collectively known as biophysical stress) can also adversely affect the child’s body system, so we would usually recommend a series of steps that can be taken to reduce this problem.


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