Newsletter 21 – Could Autism be just Mercury Toxicity?

To carry on our previous conversation about the causes of autism, I will talk about cause number 5: toxic metals.

In this category, the worst offender by far is mercury. In all these 3 years of treating autistic children, I have not found a single child who is not suffering from mercury toxicity.

Where does this mercury come from? By far, the greatest offender is not the fish that is eaten because that NEVER shows up in our ART. It is usually from two main sources.

The first source comes from the silver fillings in the mum’s teeth which are passed on through the umbilicus cord into the child. Make no mistake – all silver fillings are actually made up of 50% mercury. Yes, your dentist tells you that it is not possible for it to leak out into you. However, there is enough research to show the toxicity of amalgams fillings. In fact, World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced the phasing out of mercury from all goods, including mercury used in dentistry. For those interested to know more, you can refer to our References and Research tab or just Google on amalgam fillings toxicity to read all the scary reports about it. Again, I have not met a single person who has ever had amalgam fillings in their teeth who are not mercury-toxic. This will show up later in their life in all sorts of chronic diseases ranging from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. The first child can get up to 2/3 of this toxic load of mercury from the mum and if he happens to be a boy, there is a synergistic effect of testosterone with mercury, increasing its toxic effects. That can also explain why more boys than gals are autistic.

The second source comes from the thimerosal (mercury-based preservative) in the vaccines. This is a highly controversial topic but again for those who are interested, there is enough research you can find online that has linked the onset of autism with the MMR (Mumps, measles and rubella) vaccine at 18 months. This is especially true for children who are speaking normally and hitting developmental milestones until the vaccine took all of these away.

If mercury toxicity is indeed a factor in the onset of autism, removing it from the body should cause the autistic child to improve. And indeed, this has been shown to be true based on a large-scale study done under Autism Research Institute (, which shows that chelation has improved the lives of up to 75% of all autistic children.

What is chelation? Chelation means the use of detox agents, usually DMPS, DMSA or Calcium-EDTA to remove the toxic metals from the child’s body. Chelation has gotten a bad rap, but it is actually very safe when properly administered.

So what do we do that is different from biomedical doctors who uses chelation to remove mercury from the body? What we have found is that it is not a straightforward issue of just using detox agents to remove the mercury.

There is an important triad of factors which help reinforce each other such that if all 3 are not taken care of, the body will NOT be able to detox out the mercury. The triad of factors is psycho-emotional issues, microbes and toxic metals. The body is always balancing these three components. What this means is that the body cannot detox mercury unless microbes are simultaneously removed from the body, or psycho-emotional issues are not simultaneously dealt with. That is why in our work, we always emphasize that autism is not a physical issue but an energetic one (comprising of psycho-emotional components). If it is purely physical, chelation by itself should have cured all the autistic children that went under it which is obviously not true.

Using ART, what we do is to find out the order for which this triad of factors have to be dealt with. At different points, the body will seek resolution in these different components and my job as a therapist is to engage in this dance with the body, to seek out all the blocks holding the toxic metals in place in the body and to remove them using the tools in my arsenal. These tools can be made up of natural detox agents for the toxic metals, natural anti-microbials for the microbes and energetic interventions for the psycho-emotional aspects.

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To a Mercury-Free World,


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P.S. A parent recently shared this with me, so I thought of just adding it here (the child’s name has been changed to protect his confidentiality) –

“I have been tracking Ali’s progress and it seems like he has new behavior every day! It’s like a miracle. Now he no longer spins and is so much less fascinated by wheels. There is almost no ear covering at all, and best of all no more temper tantrum like before. There was also once when he pointed to me with his finger and wave at me from afar.”