Autism: The Real Cause and a Proven Solution

I know that you loved your child very much and have done a lot of research into the causes and solutions for autism.

If you have done some research, you probably are frustrated, isn’t it? After all, experts seem to disagree on the causes of autism and also the treatment methods.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was one source for all the health, social, behavioural and speech problems of your child? Then there is no need to waste time and money and you can relieve all these problems at the same time, since there is only one source. In addition, if you are healing this one source, then you also know that you are doing what is best for your child.

The good news is, there is indeed one source.

The even better news is, because there is only one source, it is possible to get to the source and reverse the effects.

You have probably heard this said by many other experts who claimed the same thing, but let me assure you, we are different. But don’t take it from me. Read the article with an open mind, and think whether all that we have said makes sense. Then come to your own conclusion.

Here is what we believe are the causes and our solution for autism:

Cause of Autism

Traumatic Memory -> Trigger -> Physiological Stress -> Immune System switched off -> Autism

Our Solution

Bioenergy therapy to neutralize trauma memory + physiological stress -> Immune system turns back on -> Symptoms of autism disappear

In order to understand what this means, here are our 7 paradigms –

Paradigm #1: A perfectly functioning immune system is immune to all diseases and illnesses, including autism.

Paradigm #2: The cause of all diseases and illnesses, including autism, is physiological stress. It does this by switching off the immune system.

Paradigm #3: Physiological stress is caused by traumatic memories. Traumatic memories cause the body to believe it is in danger of dying and do everything in its power to protect the body, including directing resources away from the immune system.

Paradigm #4: There is a trigger (e.g. vaccine) that caused the traumatic memories to be activated, and the body responds by shutting down the immune system, and this would continue until such a time that the traumatic memories or the stress signals are removed.

Paradigm #5: Everything ultimately is energy. The body is energy. Trauma memory is energy. Stress signals are electrical pulses aka energy. If there is autism, it means that there is an energetic problem.

Paradigm #6: The way to permanently, safely, swiftly change the condition of autism is using energy to correct the trauma memories and stress signals, this would then turn the immune system back on which would then start doing the work it was originally designed to do – to repair and heal the body.

Paradigm #7: If the root of autism is an energy problem, in order for a treatment to work, it must deal with two things – the trauma memory and the physiological stress in the body. If not, then it would only work at the symptoms, never the cause of autism.

This is an abridged version of our 21 page special report which is available FREE on our website at This special report would go more into the details of the 7 Paradigms and the Cause and Solution for autism.

Darius Soon, Founder of Autism Solution

Darius spent the last 5 years exploring different techniques which can help autistic children. Unbounded by the traditional mindset, he is willing to go where no one has gone before, and researches on anything that claims to produce results. Eventually he reaches the conclusion that the answer lies in vibrational medicine. Some of the variety of techniques which Darius has learnt under this category included Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Quantum Touch, Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), ThetaHealing, Sedona Method, The Journey, Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendance (PEAT), Quantum Entrainment (QE), Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method, The Healing Codes and Domancic Method of Bioenergy. Now he wants to bring options to open-minded parents of autistic children. To Darius, there is nothing more meaningful than seeing the transformations in the children he helped.

Find out the one source of all health, social, behavioural and speech problems of your autistic child and the 7 Paradigms that will totally shatter your idea of what caused autism and the best way to treat it.

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