Did you feel like you were hit by lightning when doctors informed you that your child is autistic?

Have you been fervently searching for a way – any way – for your boy to possibly live a more normal life like everyone else?

Do you have faith, in the depths of your being, that there is still a glimmer of hope? This is the story of Darren, father of Bryan, who believes that… 

Would you like your child to

  • Be able to express and communicate more?
  • Be more aware of his or her surroundings?
  • Have more eye-contact and relate to others more easily?
  • Show more affection to you and your husband?
  • Sleep better?
  • Exhibit sound behavior at home and whilst outside?


My name is Darius from Singapore Autism Solution. I believe in finding the best treatments for autism right now in the world to treat your boy because he deserves that.

If you have been searching high and low for an answer for your son’s autism, you are probably frustrated because everyone seems to be only recommending their method for treating autism and it’s hard to know who can actually help your child.

A method would work, if it treats the roots of the issue.  And that is where we come in.

In Singapore Autism Solution, we provide an assessment tool known as Autonomic Response Testing (ART) developed by Dr Klinghardt, MD, a German doctor residing in USA, to customize a program for your child.

ART is an assessment tool where your child’s body communicates through his nervous system for us to know the problems currently residing in his body as well as the optimum treatments that he is currently needing. Because we are able to trace the roots of the problem and not just the symptoms, your child would receive a treatment that would ensure he would heal in the fastest possible way.

Unlike biomedical approaches which deal only with the physical body, ART tests also for bioenergetics phenomenon. This may be something new for you, but we believe bioenergetics is the new paradigm (to understand more about bioenergetics, please download our special report at the sidebar) and apparently, these Nobel Laureates agree as well:

“Body chemistry is governed by quantum cellular fields.” ~ Prof Murray Gell-Mann

“Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body.” ~ Prof William Tiller, Stanford University

There is currently nowhere in Singapore where you can find a multi-pronged approach for autism that addresses all aspects of your child’s healing, until now. The approach covers heavy metals toxicity, parasites, viruses, bacteria, yeast, structural, radiation, food allergies, emotions, belief systems, genetics, epigenetics… Besides being fast, the best thing of all is… any changes are permanent. Whatever gains your boy got, it is lifelong. 



You are probably worried about the future direction of your child… is he going to ever be able to speak, go to a normal school, and fend for himself when both of you are no longer around?

Imagine… that he can smile that angelic smile and come up to you on his own to ask for a hug.

Imagine… that he might even go to a mainstream school and join the rest of the children.

Imagine… that he can look you in the eyes and tell you, “I love you, mum.”


All these could be possible, sometime in the future.

That is why it is so important to make a decision today. In autism, there is a metaphor known as a window of opportunity. During this window period, every intervention you do for your child would reap untold benefits later on. That window of time starts closing from the moment you know your child is autistic and unfortunately, you can delay, but time won’t. Every day of non-treatment make reversing autism much harder. Our best results are always with younger children.

Give your boy – your precious – a chance, go for it!

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P.S. Somewhere in you, you know and still believe that your child can be better. You are meant to be on this website. The question now is, would you allow your thoughts – those thoughts that are telling you that it won’t work, that it sounds too good to be true, that you would just end up disillusioned – stop you, or would you trust your heart just this one time?